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Virtual PASSPORT Programs' immersive 360°

video experiences open doors to memories and dreams

that seemed impossible for you or your loved one.

Whether traveling to world landmarks, 

seeing the sights and sounds of a State Fair, 

or experiencing current events in 360°, 

life's adventures can continue to be experienced. 

Our expertise in providing customized

quality content is unmatched.


The intersection of this immersive experience with technology

is so exciting, but can also be a bit challenging. Our online training sessions and continued support keep the process simple and the

user comfortable.

"I was kind of at loose ends today, nothing pressing to I swam with the dolphins and turtles,

rode a horse, soared on a

hang glider, and sat for quite awhile just enjoying the ocean.  Thanks so so much for my passport to good times."

Pat L.

Oakland, CA

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