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At our core, we believe in honoring each resident's unique life experiences and expanding their horizons through engaging and innovative programs.

Our Virtual Travel Club offers immersive 360° video experiences that promote relaxation, stimulation, and engagement, all while fostering meaningful social interaction and relationship-building among residents.

We send a VR guide to your location, and for an hour, take your residents on a tour around the world, traveling to different locations and viewing different experiences from a new perspective.


"We have experienced nothing but joy from the Virtual Travel Club. Our residents love VR so much that they are talking with their grandchildren about the adventures, and connecting with them in a new way."

Sally Peterson
Campus Director of Community Programs

Martin Luther Senior Living and Care
Bloomington, MN

“Virtual Passport Programs allows for

an individual experience, a group experience,

or both! The program is beneficial for all acuity levels, everyone from independent living to memory care residents"

Leah Bird

Executive Director

Deephaven Woods Senior Living

Deephaven, MN

"There’s a relaxing component to the

remote PassportALL program that allows our residents to step away from the moment. 

All in all, it helps people get away and escape

their current limited realities."

Marcus Mercer
Director of The Ranch,

Marbridge Residential care center for adults with intellectual disabilities
Austin, TX

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