a New vision

At Virtual Passport Programs, we see things differently...online, unlimited, personalized 360°

virtual reality experiences, curated by a Lifelong Learning Program Director...so your residents can 

see places and spaces beyond their four walls.


Besides our remote program, PassportALL,

we also offer Virtual Travel Club, our

on-site group program.

Remotely access stimulating, relaxing, relevant, 360° video content 

with our PassportALL program on Oculus Go headsets.

Staff can easily choose the VR experience to match each resident's mood or to enhance a themed event or program.





Besides providing curated, immersive 360° video experiences,

Virtual Travel Club is designed to promote group social interaction with supportive books, maps, photos and conversation.  

Passports and travel stamps reinforce the activity!

“When I see animals in VR, I feel like I have a pet again!”





“Watching the sun set behind Big Ben was breathtaking! I go to places and do things that I never thought were possible.”



“Virtual Travel Club is an activity which allows me to to get out of my apartment and experience a different world.”


Mike (hearing impaired)