a New vision

At Virtual Passport™ Programs,

we see things differently so you can, too.


You or your community can experience

virtual reality with unlimited, curated, 360° videos

on an Oculus headset through

our PassportALL program.

Screen Shot 2020-03-24 at 4.41.26 PM.png

Our PassportALL program lets you experience

stimulating and relaxing 360° videos remotely.  

Staff, residents or individual users can choose VR experiences

from the curated archive or request a certain theme. 

Online training and promotional materials 

helps you easily implement. 



Besides providing curated, immersive 360° video experiences,

our "in house" Virtual Travel Club program 

is designed to promote group social interaction with supportive books, maps, photos and conversation.  

Passports and travel stamps reinforce the activity! 

(Available in certain locations.)

“When I see animals in VR, I feel like I have a pet again!”





“Watching the sun set behind Big Ben was breathtaking! I go to places and do things that I never thought were possible.”



“Virtual Travel Club is an activity which allows me to to get out of my apartment and experience a different world.”