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a New vision

At Virtual Passport™ Programs,

we see things differently, so you can too.

With increased comfort, clarity, and hygiene,

now is the right time to bring the stimulating world of 360° virtual reality to your community.

Just add residents!

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Our remote turnkey PassportALL program lets you

easily provide curated, immersive 360° video

experiences. Our personal online training gets your

VR program up and running quickly.


Besides providing curated, immersive 360° video

experiences, our Virtual Travel Club program 

provides a trained travel guide "in-house" to implement

the session and promote group social interaction.

(Available in certain locations.)

Our programs' features include:

A group excursion, solo experience or both

Timed playlists for continuous streaming of PassportALL archive

The comfort and clarity of Oculus Quest headsets

Casting ability to a TV screen or to a Facebook page for family viewing

Disposable face masks for increased hygiene

The casting feature allows  groups to enjoy the VR experience together, and with family and friends

on your community's

Facebook page.

Image by Karsten Winegeart
Image by Gaetano Cessati
Image by Gijs Coolen
Image by Chris Henry
Image by Jakob Owens

"I can actually feel

the warm waves of the ocean 

on my legs." 




“Camping in the mountains is breathtaking! I go to places and do things that I never thought were possible.”


“Virtual Travel Club is an activity which allows me to to get out of my apartment and experience a different world.”


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